Basic Ticker not so basic?

I'm trying to make a simple BTC ticker from

Most projects I find no longer work because of changes in API's
(I'm not the best with all this stuff but I hate half-finished projects)

So I thought to myself... why not just grab the number from

I honestly have no clue how to do this - I found some stuff but most of the projects seem over my head. When I inspect the code from that site I can find the section


There lies my problem, how do I go about asking my setup to look at a website and display that number on this LCD? I have the LCD all hooked up and tested, and I "think" the wifi module is good to go. I also wanted to see if the number went down the screen would turn red but I better get it working first.

find a web site / service that is exporting stock information in an easy to use format rather than trying to do some screen scraping. Some ideas there

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