Batch counter

I'm relatively new to the use of an Arduino, and as such i would appreciate the help from the community.
my problem that i am faced with has been given to me at school for a project, the problem is that of a switch being able to counts batches of 5, after each full batch an LCD display would display the number one, and subsequently increase for each full batch that passes on the switch. the container for completed products must also count when these leave the container. the display must only show full batches, for example if the container holds one and a half batches then it would only display as having one full batch. the counter for products leaving the container must also affect the batch display, as the display would only show the number of products currently in the container.

i personally have no idea on where to start and as such i have no example or starting code to share.

kind regards,

i personally have no idea on where to start

Start with learning how to connect, and read the switch. Look at the state change detection example to learn how to count the number of times the switch has become pressed.

Then, the division operator (/) does something to ints that might be useful. Try it.