Batteries? Li-SOCl2 at 3.6v Safe?

Hi there, been using some LiFePO4 batteries and they works like a charm when at 3.3v cut-mode. But anyone knows if the Li-SOCl2 is safe.....?

Do you have a link to a datasheet?


As I see the datasheets, the voltage never get higher than 3.67v and are rather flat never get under 3,2v before dropping fast…so the voltage stays above 3,3v longer and in that sense different from LiFePO4, but as those als ostarts out at 3.6v I assume these might also be good to use!!!

Did you find/read the Battery Information Sheet (BIS for Li-SOCl2 cells and batteries, Version 2.0)?

I think it is nicely written and probably addresses most of the questions you might have regarding safety.

Given that batteries are chemically active components there will always be some risk.