Battery & Arduino via I²C help me''


Je suis étudiant en deuxième année d'université et j'aimerai récupérer la date de mise en circulation d'une batterie Li-Ion via un port de transmission I²C ainsi que son nombre de cycles de charge (broche A4 et A5 d'une arduino Uno, et 20;21 sur une Mega).
Je n'ai trouvé aucunes informations là dessus sur internet, si vous avez une idée cela me serrait très utile !
Merci par avance.

Good morning,

I am a second-year university student and I would like to recover the date of commissioning of a Li-Ion battery via an I²C transmission port and its number of charging cycles (pin A4 and A5 of an Arduino Uno, and 20;21 on a Mega).
I haven't found informations on this on the internet, if you have any idea that would be very useful!
Thank you in advance.

Cannot hep you, never seen a Li-ion battery with an I2C port.

Did you add one or is this some type of special Lithium Ion battery ?

I's a Li-Ion battery with an electronic circuit.
There is a ti bq76920 and a ti bp78350 on the circuit. (ti = Texas Instrument). I already looked at users manuals if I could find something.

It's really specific ^^'

But thank you even if you can't help on it.

I got it in C++

bool SPBATReadCycleCount(void)
SPBATSubAdd.Size = 1;


In arduino could it be something like:

int bq769x0::getSPBATReadCycleCount()

I can't test it right now, I'll have to wait few days.

It's really specific ^^'

So why did you not include the details in the first post ?