battery box gets extremely hot!!

I have completed the soldering and wiring of my Mr. General Robot. Once I installed the batteries my battery boxes immediately got hot and I quickly removed them...what can i do fix this issue?

Go round the wiring with your multi-meter and look for a short.... seems the battery + might be grounded somewhere.

Before connecting power to any new circuit its advisable to do certain tests with a multimeter:

Check that the power rails are not shorted to ground.

Check that the power rails are not shorted to each other (if more than one voltage

And ideally heck that each chip is connected to power and ground on the appropriate

It is wise to limit the current (either with a bench power supply or by using an
appropriately valued series resistor) when first powering up to catch any gross
problems - you should monitor the voltage and/or current as you do this to see
if anything unexpected is happening, rather than risk destroying stuff...

The alternative is expensive mistakes where things get fried...

I checked for a shortage in the connection and corrected the mistake but still not getting power

What was the error ?
It could lead to a part that might have been damaged by it.

The connection from one battery box to another leading to the battery plug connected to the board

Check each box before connecting it.
Or put batteries in each single box and then check it, so each test there is only one single box that holds batteries.
Take it step by step.

And double-check everything as you build it, don't just hope you got
everything right first time...