Battery Charger Board kills Boost Converter Module

My project has a 3P LiPo battery, and I am using a LiPo Battery Charger Board with Overcharge/Discharge protection. Output from that board goes straight to a step-up boost converter module to get up to 'system voltage' (I want 7.4V to get MOSFET working, so combined charger/step-up to 5V won't do me). My problem is that these guys don't seem to want to work together. Without the charger board my project works. With the charger board the boost converter module flashes once then dead until unplugged and replugged. I suspect the overcharge/discharge is somehow interacting with the boost converter and latching it down. Is there a circuit workaround (e.g. bleed resistor or soft-start capacitor resistor) or should I just spend dollars instead of pennies on components at Amaz*n or Sparkf*n?

Seems like this arrangement would not be uncommon.

Need more information about the charger board. Boost converters when they start draw a very high amount of current for a very short time and work best when directly connected to a battery. Its likley the charger board is current limiting the output to the boost converter so it cant start.