Battery charger with no brain :(

So there I am, charging up a few lipo packs getting ready to play with the Trex 600, that's when it went wrong, Not sure why it happened, but the vreg supplying the atmega32 went WAY out of spec and killed it :frowning:

So a few hours later, iv got the fresh vreg and atmega32 chip in place, and ready to be programed.

Here is where it gets bad, while I have a strong hardware background, I'm still very much an amateur programmer, But I REALLY need to fix my charger, chargers for 10s lipo's don't come cheap! Is there any one out there working on a batter charger project? If so id like in, the hardware in this charger is fantastic! though I don't mind saying the discharge rates could be higher with the addition of a larger resistor.

[ch61548] Input power capacity: 11V-15V DC 25Amp at maximum charge rating
[ch61548] Charge battery type: Lion, Li-polymer, NIMH,NICD, SLA 6v and 12v, A123
[ch61548] Charge voltage:10cell / 42V
[ch61548] Charge current up to 10Amp
[ch61548] Charge Type :CC and CV
[ch61548] Charge termination: 5 types selectable
[ch61548] Over charge cutoff voltage:4.235V
[ch61548] Auto-balance charge current:300mA
[ch61548] Imbalance cut-off:0.2V
[ch61548] Auto-imbalance-current control active voltage:0.12V
[ch61548] Auto-current control reset imbalance voltage:0.01V
[ch61548] Discharge voltage:10Cell / 42V
[ch61548] Discharge power capability: up to 28 Watt
[ch61548] Capacity display:0----99999mAh
[ch61548] Timer display:0----10 hour
[ch61548] Display tolerance:+/- 0.25%
[ch61548] Display type: Backlit 2 x16 dot LCD
[ch61548] Charge power capability: up to 210Watt