Battery Charging/Power Management for RFDuino/Arduino-based handheld


I'm building a small handheld device that up to now, I've been using an Alkaline AA battery shield to power. I'd like to switch to a Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer rechargeable cell and add an IC to the board design that will allow the battery to be charged via usb and power the system at the same time so that the battery can be permanently mounted in the enclosure. I've narrowed down my search to something like these TI power management/charging ICs:

I wanted to see if anyone here had any recommendations for ICs like the ones I linked above that do power path management, i.e. allow seamless switching between a battery and external power, as well as charging of a lithium battery while simultaneuously powering a system with a max of about 200mA of current draw. There seem to be many options, so I thought I'd see if there were any favorites among the forum members here. Suggestions welcome- thanks!