Battery draining for a typewriter project

Hi all!
I have developed this project of an E-ink typewriter with a mechanical keyboard, USB host, wemos D32 pro, TP4056 as battery manager.

Now, all is working properly when the device is connected to the programming USB port or to the recharging one (see the attached scheme).

The system could also be powered up by a battery pack of x3 AAA rechargeable batteries, connected to the TP4056.

The "full charge voltage" is 4.1V, the minimum one is 3.3V.
The battery pack has 1100 mAh, and it should last some hours, but after a small amount of time (20 minutes mximum) the keyboard starts to blink and the whole system is no more responding.

I measured the current going out from the TP4056 and it is of 1A, that is the maximum it can provide.
I don't really know why it is requiring so much current, maybe this is why the battery is so unreliable.

A keyboard (lights off) + some boards could require 1A of current?

I'm looking forward your suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


The led in the scheme is not already connected, so it's not requiring current.