Battery for childrens ball

I am working on an electronic toy ball and want some advice on battery choice.

Short term I am making a small batch of ten prototypes and I have been using a lipo batter, 1200mAh. But reading the spec sheets, this doesn’t seem suitable to be within a toy that will be thrown.

There is protective housing, but it still worries me. Are there more durable, suitable batteries that can be packaged up safely?

Hey dt08bdk,

i would use some normal AAA types - its easy to replace - and 'the user' could decide if he uses rechargeable types.. but i think you will read something similar on all battery types... its an interesting thing to think about the usage of the materials.. sunny greetings stefan

Thanks s-light.

I guess I have been ordering batteries from a electronics site and AAA batteries hadn't crossed my mind.

I'll try them out.