Battery for Nano

I have a Nano that I would like to add a rechargeable battery. Is there a battery that can charge from the usb port on the Nano? If not, can data be loaded through a common usb port?

No. What do you mean, "can data be loaded through a common usb port?"

I would like to be able to charge and upload programs to an Arduino nano with out having multiple connections. I would like to have only one USB connection to do both thanks

Clearly another "XY Problem".

You are making no sense at all.

OK, have another try.

Describe your overall project, how you wish to use the Nano, when you need to upload programs and when you need to charge it, and what is your concern about "multiple connections"?

I am using an Arduino Nano,, to command a motor to turn on and off and a servo motor as well. I would like to power it with a rechargeable battery. I was hoping I could charge it through the usb connection on the Nano, rather than a separate connection for power.

The servo I am using it this, The motor is from another device. It was operated with 2 1.5 v AA batteries.

Hi there I'm playing around with nano as well and facing the same issue of how to get power and data at the same time. In order to use the usb power source to charge your battery you would need a module/ circuit to protect both the nano and the battery from overcharge because as the nano is designed out of the box it is meant to get power from either the usb connection, power supply, or battery and I believe if you have both connected you might fry your nano and or the battery.

to clarify the goal is the usb connection does both jobs simultaneously allowing the transfer of data and charges the battery.

The motor and servo cannot be powered from the Nano. They need a separate power supply, so what is the point of having a rechargeable battery for the Nano?

If you want help with your project, describe the entire project.

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