Battery Help

Ok, so I got my arduino in yesterday. I got a simple program up and running (my dice program) and I was just wording if a battery for a laptop I found would work, and if so, what resistors/regulators I need.

Battery Info: 10.8V at 4400mAh Voltmeter showed: 12.42 at full charge

So will it work?

(the laptop battery gets 40 mins in the laptop, so should last for hours for the arduino I would think.

and if so, what resistors/regulators I need.

With those voltage values you should be able to plug the battery directly into the Arduino's external power jack without anything else. The on-board regulator will supply a steady +5vdc for the board and the Vin pin will have the batteries voltage avalible for external components if needed.


Thanks, I appreciate the help.