Battery Help

I'm using a 9v battery via pack that plugs into power jack on arduino uno to power 5 servo motors and ping))) sensor through TinkerKit shield. When I plug the circuit in via computer they run fine, but when I power it through the battery pack the servos struggle to move. The battery is new and doesn'tr expire until 2018. Can I have some help!!! =( =( =( =( =( :blush: :blush: :blush: :~ :~ :~ :astonished: :.

If you are referring to a rectangular 9v battery with the two studs on the end - not enuff power. You need volts and amps. Those batteries have the volts but no amps at all and are practically useless for anything. Get a battery cradle that holds 6xAA, or better, 6xD

If you have a digital multimeter, check the amps on the 9v bateries.

Even if you use rechargeable AA bateries, they come with different amps.

Easy way: Use a baterry craddle as advised before (just for the sake of learning, measure the amps using the craddle, so you can have some grounds to compare).

Best way (includes a lot more, chargers) Lipo battery, the ones used in RC cars, airplanes.