Battery lasting differently in two devices

Hi guys, I have an issue here and maybe the experts can give me some ideas:

I have two ESP32 (WROOM-32), same model, exactly the same. They are prototypes. Very raw.

Device 1: There is a switch button that works for waking-up the device from a deep sleep. But to simulate this button periodically, I have a timer that every 5 minutes device is being awake, send alert and then deep sleep again.

Device 2: There is a wire purposely disconnected that works for simulating a wire cut and every 5 minutes device is being awake from a deep sleep every 5 minutes, detect the wire is disconnected, send alert and then deep sleep again.

Both devices are powered by 4x AAAA batteries. (same model and brand). Pictures of both attached.

Both devices have a very similar code.

Here is the problem:

The battery of Device 1 lasted for 60hrs approx.

The battery of Device 2 lasted for only 4 hours!

Do you guys believe that the open circuit in device 2 is making the power lose a lot more power? Has the battery been impacted because of this?

I know that the first thing that I should do is get a Multimeter and taking measurements of both devices and start my investigation from there. But I am such a newbie that I don’t even have a multimeter. I will definitely buy one if you guys say this is the only to find out the issue.

Thank you in advance!

I suspect device 2 isn't going into deep sleep for some reason?

yes, could be. I may have had an internet issue at home, and code got stuck waiting for the connection and device kept awake.

I would run to your supplier and get a multimeter, you are total blind without one. Keep your eyes open for a good deal in the future for a scope, with at least 500 Mhz bandwidth. No rush on the scope but in the future it will probably become your right hand when debugging. Another item is a logic analyzer, they are available on ebay for less then $15.00 but be sure the software is compatible with your computer. A temperature controlled soldering iron in the 50W or so range and knowing how to use it would be a tremendous asset.
Good Luck & Have Fun!