Battery level on MK1200

Hi all,

I have a problem with arduino MK1200 i use a 3.7V 1000mha LiPo battery for the power.

How a can check battery level, but de max voltage on input put is 3.3V.

Sorry for my english !

Thx for reply.

Don't know the MKRFox1200 (I assume that's what you mean),
but I see on the schematic diagram a voltage divider between the battery terminal and AIN3 of the MCU.

How do you connect the LiPo to the board. The battery terminal seems to be connected directly to the 3.3volt supply of the MCU (via a mosfet switch), and the datasheet mentions two 1.5volt batteries only.

Thx for reply !

Yes sorry it's an Arduino MKRFox1200 :).

My LiPo is connect with Power Booster (3.7V to 5V) to Vin pin.