Battery management LTC4006

Long shot … Just wondering here … has anyone built a battery management system for lipos around this chip ?

Data sheet

It has the advantage of being able to share charging and supplying a load at the same time . …unfortunately I’ve not managed to get it working today… frowning:

Can you point out in your linked document where you see this?

Isn't this IC only for charge control?

Applications include laptops , which can be powered whilst charging .
It has outputs for battery and load with current sensing resistors in both arms and so can reduce charge current if need because if the load draw .
Bit below mentions it too.

Useful device as with a “normal” charger you can’t do that

As soon as I saw the statement about not overloading the wall adapter, I knew there was only marketing BS in the information. There is NO way that design knows anything about the attached wall adapter or even is one is being used.

If you read the rest of the posted blurb, the circuit designer presets the "wall adapter" current limit.

But if the "wall adapter" is ever changed....

The designer changes the setpoint!

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