Battery Pack, individual cell voltage measurement

Monitor IC for Big Battery Pack, individual cell voltage measurement


Jack wp.

cool thanks for you help. I will try and implement your suggestions as soon as I can fix my computer. I went for breakfast when i came back it was crashed have been unable to recover so far.


Thanks that looks good. I will look into it. I'm still vary new on all this stuff. So trying to get the serial link communication working will take some time, and learning. But I think after the proto of the first module I will be going more toward that ic. or witch ever is more easer to implement.

thanks for all you guys help.

good idea's

I am needing to monitor 24 x 2v cells

1.8 - 2.3 V range

now I just have to decide if I break it down into 4x separate banks to monitor

or use an ATtiny processor per cell

Wow, this is an old thread.

To the most recent poster that resurrected it, are you monitoring Lead Acid cells? If so, that's wicked rare.

Not a good idea to revive an old thread.
Better start your own.

I am currently trying to do the same thing, just for fun.
Measuring a chain of 24 lead/acid cells with small/cheap DPDT relays.
With ‘flying caps’, without loading, or unevenly loading cells.
And without specialised ICs made from unobtanium.

First stage (measuring) is done.
Second stage will be outputting the data via bluetooth to a smartphone.
Waiting for those parts.

Wawa, I am attempting to do the same with a series of 16 LiFePO4 batteries on a system charged with a solar array. Have to keep the grounds separate. Trying to use a adafruit data logger on an SD card. Just learning about Arduino.

What type of DPDT relays are you using?

How about this 16 channel DPDT?

I have used these relays.

It seems that board can be adapted do what you want. Leo..

I am having the same Problem now, I wet through this

The link has useful info.

But i would also like to know if its easy to read from BMS itself. In my case I have 10Cells.


What is I read between 1 and the internal ground pin(Found on the microcontroller present in the BMS) of my BMS. Because the BMS itself should have used some tech. to read individual cell voltage.

You can use Mega/UNO whatever suits you. But here you are working with HV system which is very dangerous so I will strongly recommend using galvanic isolation instead of directly connecting wires to the cell to measure the cell voltage. I will suggest you to use LTC 6804 and 6820 ICs to measurement and balancing. The LTC 6820 IC also provides an isolated serial communication link. Trying to make your cell board for each cell will tedious and time consuming.

I've modified my design to allow monitoring of 6 batteries and 2 temperatures. If phoyt or anyone is interested I'll post the new design. This is very similar to what you're proposing but without the extra crap that comes with a Mega and that isn't needed. However with mine you still need a single Arduino (just a small one will do) to talk to a PC, display the results etc.


I would be very interested in seeing the design, I want to monitor 10 cells and did not anticipate this much research, but maybe this could be my first arduino project.

// Mathias