Battery power for arduino

What voltage battery is required to power the arduino board.

will a 3.7volt li-ion battery do the job or is this not enough?

arduino needs about 7.5 volts to operate properly

the new arduino bluetooth will have a battery management circuit that makes it operate at voltages as low as 3v



7.5 volts. ok… so approx two 3.7volt li-ion batteries in series should provide this power?


when will the bluetooth boards be ready. it would be perfect to use one for my up coming project.

how much is the cost per board again?

So, if 7.5 Volts is Ok, what about the Intensity ?

Would a normal 9 Volts battery be Ok ? If so, I guess I would need to modify a 2.1mm power chord and solder it with a 9V battery socket ?

as i understand it, arduino automaticaly will drop down the voltage.

what i have done previously is just get a normal 9Volt battery and battery socket and plug it straight into the 9Volt and Ground inputs on the arduino board.

does that answer your question?

5V and ground inputs : do you mean the 21mm jack ?

Otherwise, could we plug it in the POWER 5V and GND holes ?

I think the easiest thing I could do would be to solder a battery socket with a 21mm jack. :slight_smile:

no i dont mean the jack. you should have 4 inputs near the 5volt and ground pin. 5V GND GND 9V

you stick the Positive from the 9v battery into the 9V input, and the negative into the second ground…

make sense?