Battery-powered Arduino charging circuit

Hello everyone, I searched the internet for a circuit but I can't find it very clearly. It is most likely very easy. I am doing a project where an Arduino nano is battery powered through the pins and not the main port, and it works perfectly, but the problem is that I should create a circuit that allows me to charge the battery and at the same time continue to use the Arduino. Let's say I would like to do just like a cellphone, that even if it is charging, I can continue to use it. Is there an Arduino module? Thanks

Have you searched for "lithium backpack arduino"?

I searched this but I found a lot modules that i don't think that are what im searching. Like this from adafruit or this or this


In my projects I use the 3rd. option indicated by you and works well.

RV mineirin

Hi, ok i understood. But can I recharge and at the same time use arduino with this battery? It should work without problem because the corrent exit the battery anyway, correct?

Yes, I have arduino pluged on +OUT and -OUT and a charger (mobil charger),
pluged on USB together.
+OUT and -OUT has about 4,3 V on charger and 3,7V if no charger.

RV minirin

Ok thanks

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