Battery Powered Nano with switch help needed, LEDS won't light up

Hello I am working on a project and need to run it with a battery for compatibility/wearability.

I have a tiny 12V battery. With my research I have seen the - goes into GND and the + into VIN
I have a switch attached on the + side of the battery. When connected the Nano lights up yay! (I also have a resistor on the - side/ground to the battery)

But now is where it gets weird. I then go to attach my LEDS to the GND, 5V and pin 6 and the Arduino goes off. The moment I put in the 5V pin. I also have a resistor on my pin 6 lead.

What is going on? It took my ages just to figure out how to get a battery attached but now I still need my LEDS to light up.

The idea is to just be able to switch on and off the LEDS.

More detail please.

Why do you have a resistor on -ve side of the battery and what value is it? It's likely that is reducing the voltage available from the battery. Either that or the battery is simply not powerful enough to run everything. Exactly what "tiny 12V battery" is it? How many LEDs and what type? What value LED resistor?


I didn't think of that. I thought I needed it because it is a 12V current verses a 5V. It is roughly 40 LEDS I am lighting up.
It is a 2.2K Ohm resistor. The battery is the Amazon Basics 12V 23A.

Which of the two resistors I asked about is 2.2K and what value is the other one?

Please post a diagram showing how everything is connected. 40 LEDs and a little 23A battery sounds impossible and I can't even guess how you have connected 40 LEDs to 3 pins (GND, 5V and pin 6).

It sounds like your components are completely mismatched but perhaps I just don't understand what you're trying to do.