Battery powered scope

I'm looking for a new battery powered oscilloscope. Doesn't need to be handheld, but looking for the isolation. 4 channel preferred, but not essential.

Ideally under $750, Any suggestions?

Just got myself a single channel off Ebay, ARM powered 2.8" TFT. Anyting more specific?

I think he wants a ‘real’ scope.
you just have to search around for the best deal on a known brand with your desired spec.s

Google is your friend!

Yes, a real scope. Anyone like any of the handhelds?

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Yes, excellent scopes Herman but they don't meet the spec in one important respect - the price. If you can reduce the price to $750 I for one would buy one.

In the meantime I'll have to stick to my present, rather Mickey Mouse, USB oscilloscope.


I can't vouch for this as I don't own one, but here is a Hantek dual trace 200MHz bandwidth, but only 500Msps, a bit low for a 200MHz 'scope. Only $550, though.

Realistically, I would consider 500Msps about right for a 50MHz bandwidth scope.