Battery Powered Suggestions

Thank you for taking your time in taking interest to assist me with my issue. I am currently doing a project that is composed of several components: Arduino Nano (6-12V & 40mA), Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (3.3V & 25-30mA), and Gyroscope + Accelerometer (3V). What I am trying to figure out is find a battery that would be able to power all these devices without going out of the dimensions of 2"x2"x.5". Also the goal is to have the device to last at least 12 hours. Can any one suggest something that would be able to this? I am open to other recommendations.

All I have right now is the prospect of paper thin batteries Problem is that as seen from the datasheets they would be unable to power all these devices for not only half an hour.

Whats the power consumption of the gyro and accelerometer.

That is one of the issues that I have been coming across and was hoping that someone would know about after possibly using it themselves. I have a GY-521 6DOF MPU6050

From one source it says that it could be from 5mA to 20mA.