Battery Recommendations / Xbee


I've made a prototype using Arduino, as a proof of concept for a project I am planning to do.

However, this will be a remote sensing project, using Xbee, and I will need to have the "endpoint" be battery powered, for at minimum a year, hopefully more.

Just to add extra fun, I am hoping to implement a small 8 seg display onto the device.

I know of devices which have zigbee and also a screen, but my concern is how I can preserve power over a long duration. I assume XBee only uses a lot of power when it is RX to TX'ing, and can be asleep for the rest of the time. The screen however will need to be on all the time.

Any suggestions on batteries, as well as how to keep consumption to a minimum; as I am pretty new to this, assume nothing!

Also, I posted in this forum as perhaps Arduino is not the right route to go down, perhaps there is a small power usage MC available? I like the ease of use of Arduino however and would very much like to stick with it.

Basically, I am throwing open an invitation for advice!



I did a ZigBee overview that includes some of the power considerations of the XBee. See

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