battery - regulate voltage + current buffer

I would like to power arduino + IComSat GSM with lantern 6V 33ah alkaline battery for a couple of years. Most of the time Arduino will be unplugged thanks to

From time to time, arduino will power on, measure some data, send it to server and die again.

Is it necessary to put any voltage or current regulator / boost between the battery and arduino? GSM can take up to 1A when connected to server.

If so, can you recommend any device / shield to buy?


An alternative to lantern could be 6x D battery = 7.2V, 17ah

Absolute Max operating voltage of the ATmega328p is 6.0V. You will need to regulate the voltage to that or less.

I don’t know what the operating voltage limit of your GSM shield is. You should look that up.

If you run at slower speed (8 MHz) you can use a lower voltage (down to 2.4V) and improve battery life.

I'm not clear from the link whether that shield converts the input voltage down to 5v for the Arduino but it does look like that as they talk of using a 9v PP3 battery.

Assuming that is true ....

What is even less clear is whether the shield can work from a supply as low as 6v. The lowest that is mentioned is 7.2v.

Assuming you have a suitably safe charging system LiPos are attractive because they have extremely low leakage when not in use.

It seems to be a very clever idea.