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Hi, I speak Spanish but I will try in English.

I want to create a hexapod robot of 18 Servo Motors

  1. Can I use 18 servomotors with Arduino UNO + ShieldV5?

  2. Should I use Arduino Mega + SensorShield?

  3. I have model servomotors: MG996r torque 10kg, What battery do I need to support the 18 servomotors? V + mAh + S + C

please be very helpful

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The MG996R stall current is 2.5 Amperes, which each servo will briefly draw every time it starts moving.

Plan on a power supply of 5-6V and 2 Amperes for each servo that will be moving at the same time.

For all 18 servos moving, that would be 5-6V at 36 Amperes, or about 200 Watts. This is a very, very large power draw, and you will have great difficulty finding a suitable battery power supply.

oh ok, thanks

Hexapod PhantomX of ZentaRobots use a LI-PO battery for support 18 servomotors dynamixel, I do not know what battery is used but it works

LiPo batteries can supply huge currents.

There are complete robotic legs and arms out there, with servos and all in place. I suggest you start there, get one leg moving before you get in totally over your head.

When you get one leg moving the way you want, you can try and get the other legs moving in unison and in the meantime figure out other scaling issues such as the power supply.

LiPo batteries can supply huge currents.

True, but a voltage regulator is usually also required.