Battery Specs for RS550 12V DC Motor

Hi guys, I am very new to this forum and also a newbie to making projects in general. I bought an RS550 DC motor for a DIY air compressor but I am not sure what kind of battery to use. I would like to ask your opinion regarding this. Btw, the ff are the product specs of the motor:

Model: 12V Single Speed 9 Teeth DC Motor
Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Rotate Speed: 400-13500rpm
Voltage: 12V
Drill Maximum Diameter: 10mm
Rated Power: 90W
Rechargeable: Yes

Thanks in advance!

Since the stall current of standard 550 size motor is about 35A ~ 40A, I recommend 3S Li-po battery with large discharge capacity (e.g. for RC model Li-po), Or automobile lead battery.

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At full power, the motor consumes 90 watts. If you run the motor at full power, divide the battery watt-hour rating by 90 and that will tell you about how long the battery will last. You also need to consider that each time you use the battery it will have fewer watt-hours available.
You must also consider the maximum current the battery can produce at any instant. Divide 90 by 12 to get the current needed by the motor. Looks like 7.5 amps, so your battery must be able to deliver at least that current, and likely 10 amps to make the motor begin to move.
Now, tell us about the "compressor". Does it have a tank to store the compressed air? Or what are you going to do with the air?

Thank you :grinning:

Actually, I am working to create a solar-powered compressor nebulizer, and I am still trying to put together the required parts to make it work. I am still a student, and our adviser is busy with his work, plus the pandemic, so my groupmates and I are kind of on our own. :frowning:

I had to Google to see what a nebulizer is. his must be what you are designing:
Jet. This uses compressed gas to make an aerosol (tiny particles of medication in the air).
Therefor you are going to use an "oiless" compressor with proper filters to collect particles from machine wear. No air tank needed.
You certainly do NOT need such a powerful motor unless you are making it for a whole ward of patients.
Forget the battery until you have determined the compressor, then the motor, then the battery.

I see. Can you recommend other motors? I collected info on a compressor inside the nebulizer. Here's what I got:

Continuous Current(A):1.5A
Output Power:10-30W

Should we benchmark on this? I am very sorry for the trouble but we are kinda desperate right now :frowning:

Based on what I understood, the air compressor in a nebulizer is comprised of a motor and a piston cylinder/pump. I would just like to clarify :relaxed:

Please begin with the air requirements for your nebulizer, not the other way around!

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