Battery to run Dual H Bridge & 12 volt motor ?


I am new to all this so I need to clariry the follow -

I have a Dual H Bridge Stepper Motor L298N
which will be driving a DC 12.0V 45rpm 15.5mm Gear Motor

Question - Will the Dual H Bridge Stepper Motor L298N
be able to handle an external 12 volt battery and drive the 12.0V motor.

Thanks in advance


L298 handles up to almost 50V, but to be certain it's ok you'll need to find the current required by your motor. It can supply 2A to each of 2 motors, 3A each for very short peaks.

That said, the L298 has a bit of a voltage drop, 2V up to almost 5V iirc, so if your motor actually needs 12V you will need to throw 15V or more into the driver.

Furthermore, you also need to supply the 298 with a nominal 5V on another pin to drive the chip itself, as distinct from powering the motors.

There are many more modern ones like these which are way more efficient.