battery wattage

So i’m working on making a type of spy walkie talkies, where the button is in your hand and you have the headphone in your ear, and then you also have the mic attached to your jacket, or whatever. But the original walkie talkie is a very hand held small one, that has very good distance and takes 3 triple a batteries. The problem is that those batteries die so very quickly. They go out after an hour of use, so i was wondering if i could step it up to 3 double a batteries. I dident know if they output different wattage, and i don’t want to break this very cool walkie talkie. So i was wondering if i could use those double a’s instead of triple a’s without killing the talkie

thanks for any help!

I’m 80% sure you’ll be ok using double A’s, they output the same amount of power.

Online, they sell battery “Adapters” basically a $2 plastic case that you stick triple A’s into to make em AA.

ok. thanks, i’ll try it out and post back

AAs are the same as AAAs (same voltage, same chemistry for the same battery type) except that AAs have more capacity (i.e. more amp-hours).

  • Ben

I’m 80% sure you’ll be ok .

Yep well I am 100% sure.

oh yea, im 120% sure!

p.s it worked.

battery seemed to last about 1 hour to 1.5 hours longer then just triple a’s