Battery with arduino

i am implementing simple Li-fi with Arduino Uno. For that I need a fast photodiode to detect fast blinking of LED. I have attached PD204-6c photodiode with Arduino Uno but it is only detecting 2 bits per second. I need it to detect thousands of bits per second. The rise time of photodiode is 10 ns. it should be able to do this. But it needs atleast 10 V reverse biased voltage. How do I provide it 10 V and connect it with arduino. Do I need a separate battery? How to attach battery, resistances, arduino Uno and photodiode in a circuit. Please help. I am short on time.

A circuit like this should work. R would be around 1M Ohm to interface directly to a digital input, but then the RC time constant means it won't respond as fast. If you really need 100nS response time you need lower resistance and a level shifter, comparator or amplifier.

What circuit are you using to test the photodiode? What circuit are you using to drive the source LED? Could it be aliasing? Could it be software?