Battle Sh!ts: The greatest game yet to be made

Hey guys! I have a really good idea for a mobile app/game and need some people to help me make the project a reality, I would buy any and all supplies needed and would split app profits 70/30 (you get 70% since you would be doing the coding, ill be doing project guidance)

Heres the idea:

Battle Shits!

So, battle shits is a mobile game that connects to a small piece of hardware in your toilet! The hardware could do a couple things, it could either weigh your shit/piss using displacement and a bobber, then determine how much damage you would do against an enemy ship. More weight = More damage (the layout is exactly like battle ship, hidden ships etc etc)

or, the easier but more boring way would just be to determine who shits more, every shit = 1 "bullet/round" and you can determine where to shoot (this is basically battle ship but you have to poop in order to take a not as fun and kind of pointless)

Each ship has a certain amount of health, after each player takes a...."turn.... they can change the position of one or two of their ships.

There are tons more features i have in mind but id like to get the basic proof of concept working.

Im looking for someone to help with coding and who is good with hardware, if you are one or the other please contact me!

Also, please dont steal my idea ;D

some potential problems: connecting the player to the "turn". Im thinking maybe the hardware can detect which phone is near it using NFC and sends a notification through the app asking if you are shitting. if you're interested hit me up!!!

Raidenbeats: Also, please dont steal my idea ;D

I don't think you need to worry about that.

if you're interested hit me up!!!

No, I'm fine thanks :)

Where do these people get their ideas? :astonished: ::)

Go try kickstarter, they are known for sponsoring 'shit' projects!


Is it April 1st?

OK so having put 3 children (2 boys) through university and having been unfortunate to visit their digs. I can assume that this is probably a disruptive idea in the student gaming market ;).

I have to say however that you have not really considered it properly.

  1. You have not considered the post beer and curry nights and the inevitable effect that they will have on the target distribution and therefore the effectiveness of the aim.

  2. This game seems to be targeting (no pun intended) at male players rather than our fairer sexed comrades. Have you considered how they might be "enabled" to aim in some way.

I am willing to help you with this for a piece of yesterdays pizza, the dregs of the left over tinnies, Ohh and say $2000 of your student grand.

Cheers Pete.

its more the weight of the shit rather than the aim of the piss. so females can play too lol

Raidenbeats: so females can play too lol

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