Baud Rate All protocols

Hello, my question is this:

I need to transfer data samples of any arduino card to the computer more to 100KHz speed and I found that in almost all protocols of communication (SPI, Serial, Bluetooth, Ethernet) protocols but the input of all of them work via serial is done according to Serial.begin (...) line which maximum is 115000 according to the documentation and that allows me to send more (115000/8 since each sample is 8 bits can send only 14375Bytes per second and is little) and the question is how can I send that information or is it that misunderstood or otherwise handles arduino serial form or ingora comunición? Thank you

An Arduino Uno or Mega can communicate with a PC at up to 1,000,000 baud. The Arduino Serial Monitor has a max of 115200 baud.

A Leonardo or Micro (using the 32U4 MCU) communicates at full USB speed and ignores the baud rate.

If that does not help please post your program so we know what you are talking about.
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Thank you for answering, recently just to see the code and misinterpret just used the serial communication to test the code, with serial communication, bluetooth speed is limited to serial but without modules you say of 1000000 I still insufficient baud just found that the ethernet communication is more than enough for my project if someone serves him or her the same question arises thanks for everything

@Redisteon, I think you typed Reply #2 at 2,000,000 baud.

Have you heard of sentences and paragraphs and white space to make stuff readable?

Do you proof-read your text to see if it has mistakes and is easy to understand?