baud settings for Serial Monitor not saved

When loading an already bound sketch (bound to port and board), the baud settings for the Serial Monitor are not store / restored.

OS: OSX 10.11.5
Browser: Safari 9.1.1
Driver: ArduinoCreateAgent 1.1

Hi @mamu, currently in the Desktop IDE the value you set as a Baud Rate in the Serial monitor dropdown stays forever, no matter the sketch you are using or if you restart the application.

What would you envision for the Web Editor? a. we automatically set the baud rate according to what is declared in the specific sketch, and you can manually modify it if needed b. we let you set the baud rate and we remember that for the entire session c. we let you set the baud rate and we remember that forever (as in the Java IDE)

hm, I would expect to save the meta data for Serial Monitor baud rate with the sketch because in the sketch I set the other part of the communication. I can not think of a reliable method to automatically detect the baud rate from the sketch. So I would prefer option d. let me set the baud rate once for the sketch and save it with the sketch.

ok we will see if we can find an easy wait to do a. by parsing the code and see what is declared in Serial.begin, otherwise we will move forward with d.