Baudrate, 1ms timestamps


I have a message looking like this:


Timestamps.. millis(), TriggedMillis, MillisLength, etc..

I want to transmit it with a baudrate of maximum 115200, with 1 millisecond interval.

I can do it successfully at higher baud rates, for example 500 000. But my limit is the receiving software that can only do 115200.

When i change to 115200, i get some "noise" on the values.

Is it because of the length of the message or something else in my code?

EDIT: Forgot to change subject to something better.. if someone can pls change to: Baudrate interval 1ms timestamps"

You are trying to send 40k characters a second at a baud rate that can only manage ~11520.

At 115200 baud, and each character needing 10 bits (start bit, eight data bits, stop bit), you can send 11520 characters per second. That will only allow for 11.52 characters in a 1mS interval. At 500,000 baud you can send 50 characters in a 1mS interval, which is barely enough for what you are doing.