baudrate in version 1.6.10 wrong

Hello to all.

I recently installed IDE 1.6.10.



To visualize the word “test” I have to set the monitor to 19200baud.

Why is this?

Kind regards Martin

Are you using the wrong board definition when you upload your code, ie, compiling for 8mhz board but using 16mhz hardware? Though usually that wouldnt upload corrextly

That's usually what that indicates.

1.6.10 and the avr board package 1.6.12 that comes with it is a bit of a shitshow. Lot of really bad bugs. I would Uninstall it, remove c:/users/(your username)/appdata (hidden folder ) / Local / Arduino15 and install 1.6.9, and be sure to not update the board defs when it offers.

Yes this was the reason ,thanks Martin