Bd4240 u+ u- v+ v- w+ w- a+ a- b+ b- z+ z-


I'm looking for a driver or shield to drive this motor:

Any help is appreciated.

Start by posting it in english or a link to it. There are probably hundreds of possible solutions.

It appears to bring out 6 wires for 3 phases, so you can elect to wire it as a delta or a wye, then you'll have three wires. It doesn't have Hall sensors, just an encoder output, so you'll probably need to investigate the correspondance between encoder values and commutation points - looks like quite an involved project.

What are you trying to do? Why did you select this motor?

Trying to implement positional control using a brushless motor.
That's why this have an encoder.

Working with a Chinese manufacturer to trying to implement a driver for it.

The idea is to control for example rotate 10x to left, rotate 15x to right.

I'm willing to pay for someone to hep me with this. Let me know if you are interested @MarkT

Then you need to post in Gigs&Collaborations.

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