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I am building a toothbrush timer that if you put your toothbrush back into its holder and if it has been less than 2 minutes it will buzz and display on an LCD that you have not brushed your teeth long enough. After a 2 minute delay(120000) it will display "great job" on the LCD!
Right now I am using a beam break sensor and I have never used one nor am I adept with them. To make it worse, there aren't many other people out there who are using them so I can base my code after theirs. Help on coding it would be much appreciated! Where would i find details on how to read the state or change in state in the sensor?

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Use your favorite search engine with the keywords 'arduino beam break sensor' to find tutorials.

Billions of beam break sensors are in use every day.

Thanks. This question was posted by a 13 year old just starting on Arduino for the first time. We're having trouble sifting through so many posts. Is there a good place to start to program the basics with sensors? Thanks very much!

Hi, Written by a 13 year old. Good lesson for him: word your question precisely or you will get nothing back! Garbage In, Garbage Out!

In the Arduino IDE, look under the File > Examples menu for tutorials on reading buttons and other sensors.

as a rule: look in Project Hub for a similar project first:

You could try a "time of flight" sensor, to detect if your hand comes close to the holder again.

A simple LDR with LED light beam will work for this.

Add a funnel to a cup, this will centre the brush.

The brush handle bocks the LED light to the LDR.

LDR and LED are water sealed with clear silicone or UV glue.

Remaining is quite simple.

Hi, @volklvaris

What beam break sensor are you using and what is the beam transmitter?

Have you written any code for the sensor?

Thanks.. Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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