beat box project

I always wanted to make one of these devices.
I saw the monome pad and loved the idea but wish I could make changes.
I want to make a smaller device with 16 pads measuring about 9x9, 10x10
I don’t want it to function like the monome. I’m not interested in a midi control pad.
The device I want to make would have RCA input to sample sounds.
In order to sample you would hold down the button and let go to stop recording. I want to put two knobs to change the start and endpoint of the sample stored on the pad.
I want to include a speaker as well as headphone jack
Is this feasible?
Can this be done with an Arduino?
I asked a buddy and he said that I need “data converters and ADCs to turn the audio into digital bits for storage and a DAC to playback and add to your output to your amp/speaker” and “storage registers”
I am a super novice and have never assembled anything like this but would really like to see this through to the bloody end.

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Have you googled arduino beatbox

This looks like what you are after;

Tom... :slight_smile:

Playing back samples is perfectly possible.

But I think your requirement to record and modify your own samples on the fly is too much for an Arduino if you want any decent sound quality. They simply don't have enough memory or processing power or good enough ADC/DAC hardware.

BTW "9x9 or 10x10" what? Millimetres, yards, furlongs?