Beat looper with waveshield and pocket piano synth

I have an idea for a beat looper for arduino. The sounds can be on the waveshield memory card. add 16 leds (to show your tempo) and 1 button below each ledbetter yet add 16 small illuminated buttons. you have each pocket piano button (the ones that came with the kit) correspond with a sound# on the wave shield such as 1.mp3 2.mp3 3.mp3 4.mp3 ect. You use the buttons below the leds illuminated buttons to select a sound for the corresponding beat. For example (1.mp3 is a snare) your press the illuminated button #4 and the #1 button on the piano. This sets the 4th beat to the snare sound. If you think its possible could you make some code please.
I have seen some loopers out there but they are very complicated and only use notes not sounds. You could even use a voice shield.
I also want to be able to record the beat in the future.

heres a pic of my design

Thanks for all your help. I hope this can get into a prototype phase.