beating my head against the wall working with Xbees

I am working with 2 Xbees, 1 coordinator and 1 router. Both setup in API 2. I currently have the router connected to XCTU and outputting to a monitor so that I can see the packets. When I hookup the coordinator to XCTU and manually send a packet, everything works as expected. The packets is sent and received and the transmit status is also received by the coordinator.

My problem seems to come up when I connect the coordinator to a teensy3.6 and use it to send the packet. The packet is received by the router, but I do not receive a confirmation at the coordinator. I am using the Andrew Rapp library. Even the Series2_Tx example code doesn’t work, I can see a packet on the router, but still no status response seen at the coordinator.

I feel like there must be something up in the xbee.h but I am not sure where to look or what to look for.

I decided to upload the Series2_Rx to the router Xbee and see if I could learn anything.
I am able to check within that sketch whether or not the sender(coordinator in this instance) received the ACK and it it showing that to be true. So, for some reason, the receiver sees that the ACK was received by the sender, but the sender doesn’t think so…

I am using the example Series2Tx so I don’t understand where the issue is.

Please let me know if this makes sense or if there is something more needed.

Post a picture showing the Teensy to Xbee connections. Try to get everything in focus so the PCB labels are readable.

Which Xbee version (series) are you using?

Thank you for the response. I am using the Series 2 Xbee. Not sure what the PCB will show, as the Xbee is just connected to TX4 and RX4 on my teeny, with power and ground, but it is attached.


I decided to start over from ground 0, so I cleared out the library and downloaded a new fresh copy.

Uploaded new tx and rx examples to each of my teensys and it is working now....

Not sure what changed, or why it is working now, but it is.

Should be all set now that I have a known working condition.