Become an exclusive distributer for a country?

Can someone tell me how to become an Anrduino exclusive distributer for a country?

By its very nature, you cant become a exclusive distributor of a open source development.

On the positive side, no one can stop you being a distributor either. :slight_smile:

I guess you could presumably be an exclusive distributer of the official Italian-manufactured Arduino current-version boards, though IMO that would be rather contrary to the whole open-source concept. But you wouldn’t be able to stop anyone else from manufacturing and selling any of the Freeduino boards (or even things like the officially sanctioned Arduino clone boards from sparkfun or similar.)

Yep, we’d rather not have exclusive distributors in a country.

P.S. I wouldn’t consider the boards from SparkFun as “clones”. There are simply multiple official products.

Exclusive? lol… give it up… its all about being inclusive… just wondering say i print freeduino/arduino pcbs( i have printed them from the eagle files and it has all the required credit/copyright information) how do i associate officially with the arduino community? when I started with arduino i had great difficulty getting my first board. Now i’m looking at making it easier for other like me… what should i do? (fyi i have printed around 30 freeduino boards + have hand build around 4 boards on genral purpose PCBs and used all for training students)

may be worth looking here Pracas

tried it long back… no response… perhaps my mail was lost in junk!