Beer Line Flow Meter Calibration

Was just wondering if it was possible to calibrate a beer line using 2 flow meters at either end of the beer line, and then compare the values to get the calibration/variance? We use graduated cylinders, and then compare what we actually poured against the flow meter in the cooler. This takes a lot of time especially on big installs where there are more the 50-200 lines. So my plan was to use an arduino with a Swiss flow meter (sf800) and then calibrate it to a known amount then compare it against what the flow meter in question tells us. Would this work? I know that every beer has a different viscosity and that's also a big part of it and I was wondering with that in mind, would this project even be possible? I am not a math expert, more of a script kiddy but in my mind I think this could work with a little help. Defiantly a work in progress lol, Thanks guys

I don't know what you mean by 'calibrate a beer line' or what calibration/variance you're trying to measure. Is this something with an existing measuring device that you want to test and calibrate? If so, are you testing or calibrating against a defined standard? If so, does that standard specify how the measurements must be made? Passing a known volume through a measuring system and comparing the measured volume against the actual volume seems like a sensible way to test it. Comparing it against another measuring system does not make sense unless you know that the other measuring system is accurate enough (for what you need) under all conceivable conditions that could apply during the test.