beer robot

I apologize for bad English.

A friend gave me a challenge a month ago when I started with Arduino. You can build you a beer robot go and fetch a beer for you.

The glove was thrown! And picked up ...

At present, it can travel around pretty aimlessly and avoid things with an ultrasonic radar. But it must be programmed into a PS2 mouse so I can keep track of how far it has gone and then a compass so I know which way I'm about.

I have a problem that you are free to help me with. It is a "map" so it knows where my kitchen is and where the beer is. I am on a text file that I save in an eeprom, and then adding more characters if it is beer or a clean floor or if there are places that can not run on.

The question is whether it is solvable bit smooth or not.

Links to the videos and pictures will be up if you give it some time.

The exhibition area is for people to show the work they have completed.
You should really have posted this in the “Project guidance” section.

The question is whether it is solvable bit smooth or not

I don’t understand the question.

I will use this thread to show how it develops. Close to all requesters tions are and will be more for myself (or for you to have a good laugh)

PS2 mouse will besides into the system over the weekend as it stands right now.

Now I have some pictures :)


Back side with keyboard for comands

And some birdnest wiering...

topic made me think of - - && - - :)