Before I buy.....

Before I buy I need some guidance.
A friend sends me hex codes in basic and I have been burning ATTiny13a as needed with AVR Studio. This is no longer working with my Win 10 machine.
My question, Can I just burn the hex files with the UNO board as I know nothing about coding? Will the board JUST burn the Hex without anything else?
Open to all suggestions.

The answer is "probably" but it would help to know how you connect to the Attiny when using AVR studio


I am connecting with a AVR programmer MRP01 v1.0 and aMRP11 v1.0.
The MRP01 connects to the computer via USB and then to the MRP11 (chip holder) via a six wire cable.
I've beed told the MRP01 is "end of life" and no longer supported.

You can use your Uno as an "Arduino as ISP" ISP programmer and use that in conjunction with AVRDUDE to upload .hex files to your ATtiny13A. You won't be able to use the Arduino IDE for uploading the .hex file to your ATtiny13A but you can use it to upload the ArduinoISP sketch to your Uno and you can use the version of AVRDUDE that's included with the Arduino IDE.

I guess I don't understand the meaning of the thread title "Before I buy..." Are you considering buying an Uno? If so, for what purpose?

I was considering buying the UNO if it would solve my problem. According to my communications with Microchip (who now owns AVR) I would have to buy an AVR ICE programmer at $130.00. Didn't want to spend that much.
If you know of another way for me to burn the Hex files to the ATTiney13a please let me know. Remember, I know nothing about writing code, all I was doing was burning Hex files.

I was considering buying the UNO if it would solve my problem.

As I said already, you can use an Uno to upload .hex files to your ATtiny13A. However, if you're buying something solely for that purpose I don't think the Uno is the best choice. Much better is to buy a dedicated ISP programmer. The best one is the USBasp, which you can get for $2.33 USD w/ free shipping from China:

I prefer the 6 pin version since the Arduino boards use the 6 pin ICSP header. They also sell 10 pin versions and 6 pin to 10 pin adapters but I prefer not to deal with that unless I have a board with a 10 pin programming header.

The Arduino as ISP is a good option for someone who needs an ISP programmer and already has a spare Arduino board on hand.

According to my communications with Microchip (who now owns AVR) I would have to buy an AVR ICE programmer at $130.00.

That's just the product they sell that you can use for this purpose. They didn't want to mention that there are other products for a fraction of the price. That product is what you would need for on-chip debugging but to buy it only to use as a programmer is overkill.

Crossroads makes a board that loads a selected hex file from SD card to AVR chip.

Three versions available: single file programmer with no display ($41.50) (not pictured yet); one display programmer supporting up to 16 files ($45.25); two display programmer supporting up to 256 files ($48). Contact us to order one. All boards include a Sandisk 4GB SD card and 6 inch/15cm programming cable. Shipping & paypal fee added to all orders.

The project is part of a Nick Gammon blog, Bob collaborated and the result can be purchsed and used.

Another nice ISP programmer is the Pololu USB version. It doubles as a USB-RS232 serial port, so you can use the serial monitor. Automatically detects and supports both 3.3 and 5V devices.

Unlike the dirt cheap Chinese products, Pololu engineers support their products.

Thank you gentlemen. I understand now and will investigate the options you suggest.

I found the programmer that will work for me. It's the Pololu USB AVR programmer v2.1
It's inexpensive, under $8.00. Easy to install and configure, works good.(I do not own stock in this company) It's just a good product.
Again, many thanks to those who pointed me in the right direction. You saved me money and headaches.