Before I wast my time. mX10FMAXDPC '8051' programming

the mX10FMAXDPC data sheet says it has two programming modes 'parallel' and 'serial'. I want to use the serial programming mode but have no idea what their 'serial' I/O is, its not the same as atmel's AT89 SERIES mode

EDIT: the mX10FMAXDPC data sheet is easy as hell to find

I can’t see in the data sheet where it mentions a serial programming mode. Can you post a link to a data sheet for this chip that does please.

'MX10FMAX has two programming modes, which depends on the P2.6 pin. If P2.6 = 1, then it is in parallel programming mode, if not, then it is in serial programming mode.' Page 6

thanks for the quick reply

Thanks for the link, the big problem is that sentence is the only mention of the serial programming mode in the data sheet. I don't think that is enough to be able to do anything meaningful. Sorry but I think you are wasting your time with this chip unless you can find more information.

Also note that it only has 256 bytes of RAM which is not much good these days. Looks like an interesting chip.

As it’s based on a Cortex A53 processor core, I suspect there will be a lot more info available if you explore the programming tools for that CPU module.