Hey, everyone! These days i was looking for headlight mod for my car and I found THIS. I was wondering how to make it on my own. I started reading and I found that i need plexiglass and LED stripes to do it. Okay. I started wondering how to control LED stripes and set them different effects(while they are turning on, while they are turning off also the effect when turn signal is on). I found that i will need adruino controller, led stripes, breadboard and nothing more... Can i use 1 controller for both headlights? Can you help with that what components do i need, how to connect them and how to program the controller. Thank you a lot!

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I would look at crossroads site http://www.crossroadsfencing.com/BobuinoRev17/

about half way down, the max7219 this can control 64 led's one at a time. and yes, one arduino can control multiple units