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Not sure what you are trying to do.

Remove the code for the soundboard and just concentrate on the code for the SD card.

I have the SDcard breakput board connected to promini like this:
Arduino-Sdcardbreakout board
3V- 3V

The constant resets are a symptom of a power problem.

There are 3v and 5v issues to sort out. Do you have a 3.3v pro mini or a 5v promini?

What are you conecting 3v - 3v? Where are you getting the 3v from? I'm not sure you can take the 3V output from a 5V promini and get enough supply current.

As I understand the adafruit SD module, it usually takes a 5v input to an onboard regulator.

The power draw when writing to the card can be fairly high, up to 100mA (or more)! That means that you must have a fairly good 3.3V power supply for the card.

Please explain more about your wiring.


I have a 3.3V promini. I connected the 3V pin on the Sd card to the VCC pin of the pro mini(3.3 V)

Thank you!

It still sounds like a power problem. With some promini's you can only get 150 ma in total through them.

Do you see the issue without the soundboard?

I would try to power the sd card independently from the pro mini. Make sure the grounds are connected.

I connected the soundboard with a Li battery. Soundboard is not being powered by promini.Only the Sd card is being powered by the promini.

I will try to power the Sd card seperately too and check.

Thank you!

SD cards need more current than the 150mA that the Promini can supply.