Beginner - Android Wifi Matrix Printing.

Dear guys,

Complete beginner to Arduino.

I need to achieve this matrix printing at this video demo from an Android application that is connected to the same network as Arduino. Unfortunately the blog explaining the tutorial is down.

I am not a beginner to programming and can deal with this library but I am beginner to arduino.

What model of arduino should I buy?

Thanks for the help in advance.


What does that library have to do with matrix printing?

That library looks like it implements the mathematical concept of matrices, not supporting matrix printers (the print is for converting a matrix into human readable text)

Apologize for that, its just a way of saying. I am looking for orientation, please do not consider the library but the advice needed.

Thanks for the answer.

I fund a good tutorial and introduction for thermal printing, also covers an overview to Arduino.

I also found this article on how to connect with Android phone.

I keep on posting progress. Apologize for the trivial question.