Beginner Guidance for Portable Camera Project

I have a project idea but as developer I haven't dived into the DIY space very much. I've been reading up on Arduino and its capabilities to help satisfy a little project I wanted to try as it seems to fit the bill.

The project is such:
I want a portable unit (think pocketable) that can connect to a camera and wifi.
The unit would need to take pictures at some given interval (like 2 minutes) and then store them locally until it has wifi.
Once it has wifi it would upload those pictures to some storage system (onedrive, dropbox, etc).
Ideally the camera would be able to take visible pictures while the unit remains in a pocket but the ribbons on some of the cameras I do see seem pretty strange for longer than a couple of inches let alone out of a pocket onto a belt type of thing.

I like the size of the MKR series (wifi 1010) but am having trouble finding what all I would need to make this work as I don't know what cameras connect or what shields add storage, etc (does it have to be the vidor?). I've looked through some of the stores and online but with so many boards its been a little confusing for me as a first timer.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

If anyone had any guidance (links, advice, etc) that would be greatly appreciated!

Look into Pi Zero W, it's small, has WiFi, SD and there are many compatible cameras.