Beginner help needed, how get inputs of USB steering wheel and output analog 5v

Hi All!

I´m taking my first steps with Arduino :slight_smile:

Can anyone guide how to achieve below:

Background: I have a Sega Daytona arcade hardware, that uses 5K linear pots (5v max) for it´s two pedals+steering wheel signals.

I want to replace those analogue pots with USB Racing Steering Wheel (Kind of emulate 5k linear pots) I´m planning to do this with Arduino platfrom.

I need your help guys and girls, what the best way to achieve this?

I have Arduino Due on my hands and i think i have skills for this, i just need some good starting point with this project.

Thanks so much already!

So far I have no idea what the particular “USB Racing Steering Wheel” you’re planning on using is or does or how it might be driven. Do you think providing a few more details might be useful? A specification or user manual for the thing perhaps?



I´m not sure about standards used in USB racing wheels, but lets say that i have a Logitech G27, but maybe the HID is enough for me? At this point, it would be great to have steering, and two pedals working.

Force Feed Back and other buttons are dream... but lets start from the basic.

I was looking this: