Beginner here. Could really use some help with a simple project.

Hey guys,

So I've decided to use arduino for a school project to try my hand at something different. I have never used electronics before this. It's actually a very simple project. It will basically detect if somebody is sitting at a desk and display the information on a monitor. For the project I'm using a photocell to detect the amount of light. I had no problem getting this to work using examples online. I showed a prototype in class last week where it displays on the serial monitor if the seat is occupied or vacant using println.

Now for the part where I'm having difficulty. For the project demo next week I need to have a simple graphic interface showing if light is detected or not. It doesn't have to be any bit complicated. It could simply be two images, one for when theres light and one for when there isn't. I just need to know how to take info from the arduino (or the serial monitor) and use it to display the corresponding image. From what I've gathered I think I'll be using Processing to do this. But I'm having some trouble figuring out how to do it. When I search for examples all I seem to find is how to control the arduino using a GUI. I need to know the opposite, how to display data taken from the arduino. I know it shouldn't be that hard but I'm just having difficulty finding the info I need. So I decided to ask for help here. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated because I've spent ages looking through google and other tutorials. Even a step in the right direction would be a huge help. Thanks.

Well, just do the opposite of the examples you see on-line. The Processing program react according to the data received from the Ardiuno. Just start a simple “hello world”. Check Serial for the Ardiuno and Processing. And make sure the port number of the receiving computer match the Processing code and the speed match both code ( Processing and Ardiuno )